Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last BookLook 2010

“Hell’s Corner”
I hope you got a book for Christmas. I did – surprise! I suppose it’s difficult to buy a gift book for someone who reads a lot. One of the books I received was a good-for-nothing read just-for-enjoyment novel titled “Hell’s Corner”. It’s by one of my favorite authors, David Baldacci and I enjoyed taking a break after Christmas with a good book.

The story begins in Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C. aka Hell’s Corner. It’s named for the law enforcement jurisdictional nightmare created when city police, secret service, and homeland security are all in charge, not the climate temperature. The Park is located across Pennsylvania Ave. in front of The White house which makes it a security risk to watch.

Oliver Stone, a retired government assassin witnesses a bomb explosion in Lafayette Park just as the British Prime Minister passes on his way between The White House and Blair House. Stone is quickly issued a badge and partnered with British MI-6 agent Mary Chapman to find the unknown attackers and uncover a possible terrorist plot. The assassin is sent out to catch the assassin but will he be betrayed again?

As Stone and Chapman uncover a sinister plot involving international politics and the intelligence community, they finally call in the Camel Club. Stone’s trusted companions from the past once again risk their careers, their loved ones and their lives to uncover the truth. They enter the story a bit later than past adventures, which is a disappointment if you were expecting the book to be about Stone and his club mates, but they do join the fight just in time.

“Hell’s Corner” is a good post-Christmas read. I like Baldacci because he keeps the unnecessary swearing out of his stories and he spins a good crime mystery. I have a couple more good books sitting on the desk but this one called out to me when I just needed to take a break and read for fun.

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