Sunday, December 12, 2010

BookLook "Christmas Prayer"

“Christmas Prayer”
Allison age 12 and a student at Art City Elementary enjoyed hearing me read this book aloud to her class. Her excellent review makes me worry about my future job security. On the other hand, when I am old and rambling I am confident she will leave her position at a famous publishing house to take over writing my BookLook column.

Allison wrote a perfect synopsis without any plot spoilers. “The “Christmas Prayer” is a heartwarming children’s picture book. It is about a boy whose father teaches him the true meaning of Christmas. The father teaches the son what Christmas is all about by having him help give gifts to their poor neighbors,” wrote Allison.

I agree with Allison. The author Rian Anderson has been a sheep herder for most of his life and to quote the inside cover leaf, “He wrote this story one freezing night in the desert while pondering true needs and how to share the true meaning of Christmas with his children.” Anderson’s sweet simple story does teach us about our needs, needs of others and how a father’s example is a priceless gift. It was difficult to read aloud and keep the lump out of my throat and the tears under control.

Since I have grandsons, I am always looking for books that appeal to little boys and offer thoughtful lessons. In the story, the boy Matt expresses the reluctance most young men feel when the need for service means sacrificing a warm evening at home. He also lets the young reader know how he comes to feel differently at the end of the evening.

Allison mentioned the beautiful full-page illustrations in her review. “I thought the illustrations were simple, yet showed a lot,” she wrote. The illustrator is Michael Parker who lives here in Springville uses his talented brush to give visual life to the story.

“I loved this book and encourage everyone to read it,” Allison wrote as her conclusion. I agree wholeheartedly and couldn’t have said it better myself.


Heather said...

hooray for a new childrens book idea -- I am going to look for this one.

maedeans said...

I know I have seen the story before -- probably in another email -- and I was really seeking to give the author credit and now even find it is a book that is illustrated from someone from Springfield (how's my short-term memory?) so the story itself is probably copyrighted. I would be curious to know more about both the author and the illustrator.