Saturday, July 30, 2011

We celebrated pioneer day

We celebrated Pioneer Day by going to the Mormon Battalion visitors center in San Diego with Jake. We chose Jake (not because he lived in California) but because we needed another strong person to help pull our handcart. We also hoped he could spot gold nuggets when we panned for gold. Dawson turned out to be the best at panning for gold. As the picture was being taken someone (Tyfani)suggested we strike a serious pioneer type pose, but as you can see some people just had to smile!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Yellowstone National Park Balzotti Reunion 2011

Mark and I in our secret agent disguise at Yellowstone Upper Falls. What a great Balzotti family reunion! The best people and the best scenery! We had 60 people there. All four grandparents and spouses, Mike's group total of 16, Mark's total of 12 (we lost!), Donna's group total 16 and Lori's group total of 16 also. The three pregnant moms - Tyfani, Rachel, and Andrea deserve an extra kiss and hug for being such good sports to come on this adventure. Three new babies coming in November, December and January for our family.

Alyssa is wearing a skirt (and a necklace). I am not. I am also saying "Don't take a picture," which always works.

Bear in the tree - Mark finally saw a bear on the last day. We had to restrain him as he attempted to leap from our moving vehicle when the ranger said no parking but he was able to safely jump out and we circled back for him.

Mahea, Pono, and Dawson about to be eaten by the Dragon!

Finn experiencing the Dragon's Breath Cave and modeling the reunion shirts Alyssa made for all the children.

Marie and Finn: "Don't get too close to the wildlife."