Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trapped in a Time Warp "THE HOUSE"

Men on deck

New brushed nickel chandelier the first night it lights up

Have you ever felt like you are trapped in an old scifi TV show segment? Working on THE HOUSE for the last few months makes me feel that way. It seems like week after week you appear for another episode (or 2 or 3) and work on it but it is still not finished! It will never end. Surely everything will done before this week in June because we have to a.celebrate our anniversary, b.go to Art City Days concerts, parades and fireworks with our family, and c. finally get some of our own yard work and housework done? But no,there it is - really close but still not done. I will post more pictures when we go out for our final appearance this week so everyone can see how amazing it really looks.
Special guest stars this week included Donna and Peter who jetted in from Chicago to build the deck, scrub the tub and toilet, make store runs and much more than can be mentioned,Sue (Energizer Bunny) the painter who started the day she got back from cooking for a week at girl's camp and has stuck with the project, and 2 friends of Jonathan's (hope they are still friends)who stepped in when Jon had to get back to his real job at the U of U. The weary Balzottis and Gleaves thank you all and hopefully this week's episode will be the final, concluding episode of THE HOUSE - no reruns!

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Heather said...

Oh man! I feel like I'm trapped in an episode of the twilight zone where I really should be helping and instead I'm 300 miles away. The deck looks great though- just started Gilead.