Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Make Over Ava Edition

Kitchen with new stove,hood,granite, painted cabinets (and clutter sorry)

Kitchen granite, undermount sink, new fixtures

The beautiful deck in a rare moment of sunshine

New basement bathroom

Living room (and one in dining room) chandelier

Living room carpet (doors from pantry resting there too)

Front entry/dining area laminate wood into carpeted living room

Living room window, new carpet and two tone paint and lights

Upstairs downstairs split, new white railings, new carpet

Master bath with granite counters, new tile, new fixtures, new ceiling, new paint,painted cabinets (still one coat left to do here)

Exterior with roses and bushes reshaped and new plantings, new lights, mulched beds

Monday I went out to clean and took a few pictures. I am not a professional real estate picture taker but I thought everyone would like a peak at the amazing home maker over. Please make comments - we need the pat on the back! Seriously, amazing and beautiful!


Alyssa Coberly said...

that IS FOR SURE no the same house! holy moly

KellyA said...

Wow awesome job!

Rae said...

Job well done, I'd say!! It looks very fresh and clean. I love the "new" house smell.

Heather said...

It looks Amazing!!! I think you guys could get a spot on HGTV if you wanted one!