Friday, June 19, 2009

Life's a Parade

We had our annual Art City Days family sleepover last Friday night. Our list of activities included: The concert in the park which was the acappella comedy group Moose Butter,eating a Kiwanis scone with honeybutter, getting up at 6:30 (Dawson 5:45am) to go to the balloon launch Sat. am., fireman's breakfast at the new fire station, parade, Dawson's baseball game, and part of the concert Sat. evening which was rained out. It is a wonderful tradition!

Gabe is not a big fan of loud noises - the list includes fire engines in the parade and burners heating up the air inside big hot air balloons but dad's ready to reassure and explain and he is soon ok

Watching the parade go by - dad holds Gabe while the horses are prancing, freshly shaved head Dawson behind, and Tyfani holding baby Roman talking to Mariel

Haydon dancing to the loan drummer jammin' on a flat bed in the parade - we love our small town Springville style!

Gabe also dancing in the street at Art City Days Parade

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Jessica Hills said...

I can't believe how big Hayden and Dawson are! Crazy! Cute pictures.