Thursday, May 7, 2009

My turn to show and tell

The little nursery before picture with Gabe asking for a new room

First after photo-white rhino did get to move into the book shelf

I love my new room - "gankyou" (thankyou) says Gabe the Babe

The reading corner with papa and baby bear sized chairs

Gabe helping us move the repainted dresser into his room

Tyfani painting the back of the shelves brown

Home makeover Gabe the Babe edition has already been unveiled on Alyssa's blog ( but I want to do my own show and tell also. Here are a couple of pictures of the process and the result. Some families of girls go shopping for fun, we like to redecorate!


Rae said...

I think you guys should get together and redecorate some spaces in my house - I'm not picky!

Heather said...

That room turned out so chic and cute!! What a lucky babe.

Rachel Plunkett said...

Hi , love the room too. I know this is not on the room subject, but didn't Tyfanni JUST have a baby? WHY is she so skinny again.:)

Book Look Column Author said...

ya - skinny girl did have baby #3, and he is just 8 months old. She has the right combination of genetics and hyperactivity - and we all pretty much hate her for that!