Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A funny story about Gabe the Babe

Mariel said Gabe kept looking quizzically at the picture Alyssa put on the wall of his redecorated nursery. It is a temporary picture until we can get his photo there. It is just a row of fake mustaches that she had. Gabe furrowed his brow, pointed to Mariel's eyebrow and back at the picture. As she laughed she explained that those were not eyebrows but mustaches - of course he is too young to see the humor in comparing a mustache to a uni-brow... so Gabe just looked confused. When Big Papa (grandpa Vern) came over later he illustrated mustache for Gabe by pointing to his own and then the picture. Ah ha! Poor little boy has been laying in his crib for weeks trying to figure out what in the world that was framed on his wall!

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Alyssa Coberly said...

hehe ... I LOVE THAT! oh freaking cute is he, and now when I look at the picture of those framed up I kinda love them -- maybe not so temporary after all!they can be the ode to gpa vern