Thursday, May 14, 2009

An excerpt from the newspaper story I just wrote

I am still writing for the weekly paper "The Foothill Breeze". My 8th installment in the History of Mapleton series was entitled: "Oh what did they do in the summertime?" and the elderly gentleman I interviewed had great stories to tell. I am posting an excerpt with a particularly funny story about one of his Sunday summertime escapades.

“One day me and Burt and Bruce decided to skip Sunday school. We had an old beat up pickup truck and the first thing that we did was drive back and forth past the church and banged on the side of the truck, trying to disturb the services. Then we went down to the cafĂ© at the corner and all ordered some hamburgers and pineapple milk shakes. We then decided to go up to Maple Canyon and dammed off a section of the river and started to catch fish in the stream. We also shot a pine hen and cooked it up. Since it wasn’t fishing season or pine hen season, when we saw the Mapleton policeman Fay Jensen coming we hid all evidence of the fish and pine-hen and then hid ourselves. Fay left and we were having a good old time until Burt remembered something he had to get back for. We piled in the old truck and started back to town. As we drove back we asked Burt what it was he had to get back for, and he told us that he just remembered that he had to give a talk in sacrament meeting that evening. When we asked him what it was about, he looked at us and with a straight face said “Keeping the Sabbath day holy.”

You can see why this is such an enjoyable writing assignment!

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