Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Newspaper Gets Better and Better

So what's the big news in Springville? Besides obits, weddings, Eagle scouts and Young Women Award pics and announcements, our news is big stories here. For example, our varsity cheerleaders (Alyssa's alumni) took 4th at Nationals. That's pretty big right? Our girl's basketball team, led by a neighborhood girl Ashley,took 2nd at state. Our boys basketball is in the quarter finals for the 1st time in a decade,and what's even bigger than that? I quote: "Students at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville have been celebrating the works of Dr. Seuss by inviting special guests to come read in their classrooms. Mr. Balzotti, the principal, taught the students about Dr. Seuss and shared one of his favorite books with them on Monday, Mar. 2, which was also "hat day." The students were lucky to be able to learn from their principal!" This was topped by a picture which I can't access and paste here.

I could never post all the bloopers from our newspaper but here is the latest. A couple of weeks ago there was an announcement that U-Pass Tickets were available. These are bus passes, Marie uses one, discounted for students and popular with commuters. You guessed it. There was a hyphen hiccup and there it was in big bold letters UP-ass Tickets Now Available! I think we may have a winner.

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Heather said...

ok- that's hilarious. Isn't it someone's full time JOB to edit and proof read? funny.