Friday, March 20, 2009

Aristocats starring Dawson and Haydon

Tyfani directed and produced "Aristocats" for the Lehi Children's Theater. With a group of bouncy little 4-7 year olds she pulled off a great performance. Dawson was very cool as Thomas O'Malley and Haydon entertained us as a dog named Private Cool. The dog name had to be added to keep Haydon on board. Sunday, 3 days before performances, I asked him if he was excited about being in the play. "I'm not going to," he sighed. Tyfani gave me an exasperated look over the top of his head. He ended up doing just fine except for the nightly run over to his mom directing from the audience to ask her take his ears off because they were itchy. Dawson sang and danced like a pro and they are both eager to do another community theater play as soon as mommy is all rested up!

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Rae said...

That's funny that you said Tyfani needs to be "all rested up". I think she is already signed up for another play! Hahaha! That Tyfani - gotta love her!