Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Pay the Devil" Book Look Review

Since we bloggers have a shorter printed word attention span I have edited this review. To see a full review you may check the Springville Herald Newspaper. I think this blog will give you enough to decide whether you want to read the book. I liked it for a quick, clean read.
What did do on my summer vacation? I read of course. If you want to send your brain on vacation you can read "Pay the Devil" by Jack Higgins. A dashing southern gentleman Colonel Fitzgerald, inherits an Irish estate at the end of the civil war which is handy for him because he has to get out of town fast.
Immediately he puts on a black hood and becomes....dun,dun,dun - "Captain Swing". Oh come on Higgins - wouldn't Zorro or Batman be better undercover names than Captain Swing? The beautiful, saintly, brave,very young heroine Joanna is worthy of our hero's adoration. Good once again triumphs over evil, the guy gets the girl - oops I hope I didn't spoil the ending for you!

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