Thursday, July 31, 2008

Former Neighbors and Friends

Last night we attended the wedding reception of Tony Purcell and his beautiful bride - and I do not use the adjective beautiful lightly! They were truly a handsome couple. It seems that we only see our former best friends the Purcells and the McKinneys at wedding receptions now. They faithfully attended our children's weddings, even the January one and we feel that connection all over again. As young moms we sat outside and watched our children play and shared advice and frustration and mostly laughter. What can be funny about chicken pox? Well, Lisa hid her newborn for days to protect her from her poxed toddler! Amazing but true. All three of my boys looked like aliens (and acted like it) so we had lots to talk about during the neighborhood outbreak. Now these are the children getting married and starting their own families. Our love goes out to all of them, and I hope you find neighbors as great as ours were!

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