Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today is a very Special day - Alyssa's birthday

Happy Birthday Alyssa

My beautiful baby girl seen here on her first birthday, is turning 25 today. She is truly the perfect daughter. Lovely on the outside and on the inside. We have many things in common, and just enough differences to keep life fun. She was born with that creative spark and has used it to light up the lives of her parents, her brothers, her husband and all of her family. She is my best girl-friend. I think I should reveal a few embarrassing things though in honor of this day. Her dad's pet name for her as a baby and still often used is "lissy lou lou". Endearing but mysterious. She was dancing as soon as she could crawl. She danced many years - ballet, and modern dance. Her fashion police role started very early - at kindergarten age as we were all advised on what to wear and what for sure not to wear. She has had more car accidents than our entire family put together - counting grandparents, cousins... including the time she hit a short, red metal pole in the high school parking lot. But she couldn't see the pole because Savannah was sitting on her hood! When she organized the entire girl's softball team at about age 12 to cheer while in the dugout we new that she would be a high school cheerleader no matter how hard her brothers tried to tease her out of it. They are still disappointed that their fatalistic prediction that being a cheerleader meant she would marry a football player who worked at the steel plant, live forever in Springville and scrapbook her life away didn't come true. Since she married a competative swimmer who is now a lawyer and lives in Chicago and loves to travel - France is next month, and she never scrapbooks, once again their teasing didn't pay off. We are proud to be the parents of the creater of handmadejig (etsy shop), a wonderful young woman, a great wife to Sean, and our favorite daughter. Wish we could be there with you today!


mom and dad


Alyssa Coberly said...

well that was the cutest thing EVER! and look at my little naked cute picture! so fun

thanks for making me feel so wonderful on the bday (okay could have done without the car accident thing)

but otherwise it was fun to read for sure!

Riley & Savannah said...

She is the cutest little baby! I have to agree she is a very special lady! She has always been a really good friend to me, including the time she hit the little red pole and threw me off the hood of her car! What were we thinking? I still can't believe I ever did that! Thanks for raising such an amazing girl, and for letting her be friends with me!