Monday, November 29, 2010

BookLook "The Christmas Stone"

“The Christmas Stone”
Your neighbors would rather have a book this year. True, your Divinity is divine and your fruitcake is, well it’s fruity, but a little Christmas book is a better gift. If you are truly thoughtful you will not write inside in giant letters “Merry Christmas from the Smith Family” either. When they finish reading they can pass it along to someone on the next block over and really spread that Christmas cheer. And they won’t have to give it to DI where it’s just embarrassing when you find it there with your signature.

”The Christmas Stone” is one of those perfect little Christmas books. It is written by Liz Carlston, a young woman who survived the Columbine High School massacre. Since all the proceeds from her book are being donated to Primary Children’s Medical Center, it is a worthwhile purchase as well as a worthwhile read.

The story begins with Claire rushing home on December 23rd to Milwaukee to be with her father who is hospitalized. She is beautiful, financially successful and adrift in the lonely life she has made for herself in Colorado. Daniel is about to enter her life as a seat mate on her flight home. He will be meeting his son Spencer for Christmas in Milwaukee as soon as he takes care of an apology to his ex-wife that is long overdue.

During the flight Claire hears the story of Daniel’s mistakes and regret and his hope for forgiveness at the end of the flight. He also shares the story of the small “magic” stone he carries in his pocket and how it came to represent what he needed to do to forgive himself and begin the healing process.

The book is small, with only 81 pages. It is easily read on a winter’s evening when it’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas chores and spend a little time quietly nourishing the soul. Reading “The Christmas Stone” reminds us Christmas should also be a time of love and forgiveness and mending.

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Liz said...

This is so nice of you to spotlight The Christmas Stone. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!