Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finn's House

Finn behind bars - one of three baby gates to keep the boy on the inside. When Finn arrived the entire house became his. Every room is now filled with his stuff and all adults must adapt. Including to going through gates to exit the livingroom.

His very own recliner. Some people call it a jumperoo or whatever, but Finn just lays back and relaxes when he needs a bit of a rest. This is only one of many pieces of personal baby furniture in his house. A new highchair is in the background.

This sweet baby boy has a very cute bed in his very own bedroom. His nursery is actually the larger of the 2 bedrooms since he has a lot of stuff to put in there.Evidence that he does sleep sometimes.

Finn has his very own counter space reserved full-time in his kitchen. Bottle warmer (which I love!)His own clean dishes,binkies,etc.wash and dry area and the cereal measuring station take up almost half the available space.

In theory Finn is supposed to stay on his king size blanket which covers the living room floor and is filled with wonderful toys. In reality he immediately army crawls off to investigate dangerous items like the back of a chair or an electrical chord.

Finn likes to use his personal keyboard which his parents provided to keep him busy while they are working on the one that is actually hooked up to the computer.

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Mariel said...

Oh keep these pictures coming! I love that little boy! He is so cute and deserves to have a whole house that is his!