Saturday, January 16, 2010

Five Year Olds Play Basketball?

Haydon is tied for the shortest on the team but definitely has some of the best footwork. His awesome natural spikey hair serves as distraction for his opponents too. At the end of every game he tells us, "We won again!" The fact that they don't keep score in this league is probably for the best.

After a 10 minute practice right before the game they are issued color coordinated wrist bands to match up with an opposing team member. Haydon (in red tshirt under black jersey) for sure got the concept. Stick to that guy no matter what. Defense, offense whatever is happening stay all over him - and he sure did even if the ball was no where in the area. He told me, "I don't shoot baskets, I pass the ball." Good to know your special skill when you are for sure the skinniest kid on the court.

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