Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BookLook review of "Grave Secret"

“Grave Secret”
I am suffering with a severe case of multiple personality syndrome aggravated by the voices in my head. I know the cure is to finish one of the two books I am listening to on CD and get to the end of one of the three books sitting on my bedside table. These symptoms always appear in January since I listen to a book while dismantling Christmas and I start my Christmas gift books to see how good they are. They are all good. I am reading all of them at once. I am going crazy.

“Grave Secret” by Charlaine Harris was the book on CD I finished first. I liked this odd tale and it distracted me from the mundane bubble wrapping of a million fragile Christmas ornaments. It is the fourth and perhaps final book in a murder mystery series featuring Harper Connelly. When young Harper was struck by lightening she acquired the paranormal gift of finding dead people and seeing their last memories. She has made a business out of this unusual talent and clients pay her to “read the bones” of their dearly departed. Her gift also allows her to solve crimes along with providing comfort and closure to her clients.

Harper takes her ability on the road accompanied by her stepbrother/boyfriend Tolliver who handles the business side of her psychic side show. Returning to her home state of Texas to do a reading for a wealthy family, she sets off a dangerous series of events
when she reveals their family secrets. Her own tragic family secrets soon become linked to her client’s story and finding out what really happened eight years ago is the only way to stop the next murder.

I plan to do some extra reading this week since it is the only cure for my mental anxiety problems. It’s also a good excuse to read on a chilly January evening. I only have two books left to finish reading, so does that make me a schizophrenic now?

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