Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"The Friday Night Knitting Club" supersize me

BookLook January 7
“The Friday Night Knitting Club”
You don’t have to read the fine print if you check out a large print edition. I don’t need Depends or a walker quite yet, but I do have to watch my cholesterol – and slip on those reading glasses to enjoy a library book. “The Friday Night Knitting Club” by Kate Jacobs isn’t the best book, or the worst book I’ve ever read but it was certainly the easiest to see thanks to the bold black type. And the other benefit of the large print books is that you get a nice workout for your arms while trying to balance the super-sized volume and your glass of Metamucil.

Knitting Club is definitely a chick book. I am not much of a chick book fan but I did try to read more objectively than I would usually since it has been such a popular novel. The story was interesting and some of the characters were delightful. Unfortunately the main character Georgia Walker really grated on my nerves trying to prove that she wasn’t whiny and dependent while she complained and had to be bailed out by everyone around her. Georgia is a single mom and the owner of a yarn shop in New York City. A Friday night club brings a small group of disparate women together to share tips on knitting and advice about life.

As the lives of each character connect, or knit together, a sisterhood develops. Periodically at the beginning of a chapter the metaphor is enhanced with knitting definitions like the one for casting on. “The only way to get going is to just grasp that yarn between your fingers and twist. Just start. It’s the same with life…Casting on is as much leap of faith as technique.”

So if you don’t feel too embarrassed to be seen with a large print book, check one out and enjoy it’s bigger and bolder font. Although the shelf selection is scanty compared to the smaller print versions for the non-reading glass wearers, you don’t have much competition from other library patrons for these titles that are seldom on a waiting list.

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