Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Five Gold Rings

Let's just say that experience is gold.I have five gold "rings" of Christmas advice to share.If you have any golden tips, please feel free to comment. Maybe we can learn from each other so the holidays can be um, less stressful?

The Golden Treasury of Five Christmas Success Tips

I’m pretty sure they are unique to me and may or may not be based on my own experiences and there may be more but I will not confess to them, I mean make them up...

1. Don’t write out your cards after preparing salmon for supper.

2. Don’t hide chocolate covered marshmallow Santas for the kids’ stockings above the kitchen cupboards to find during spring cleaning in April.

3. Don’t put your daughter’s only gift that she requested away in the craft box as you frantically swoop up all the wrapping stuff in the guest room last minute Christmas Eve. Again, it won’t be found until spring cleaning in April and after her trip to France.

4. Don’t forget to buy stuff for your husbands stocking. He may notice that he got teenage sized mittens and the candy the neighbors brought over and catch on.

5. And finally, don't let Santa pull you onto his lap and kiss you in front of hundreds of people when you are writing a news story about his arrival in town - even if you have known him for 20 years (look how tight his grip is on me so I couldn't escape!)

Hope these are helpful - or at least let you laugh at someone (me) with their permission and that is bound to relieve stress.


Jessica Hills said...

That's a cute picture! Ah, I miss Debbie advice...Hope you and your family has a wonderful Christmas!

Book Look Column Author said...

I actually don't so much like the picture of me - but the guy taking it didn't understand that thigh shots aren't the best for women!