Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween is for Kids?

The trick or treat group - Tyfani is a chicken farmer (she claims that chicken fat makes your hair shiny?), Dawson and Roman are chickens, Haydon is a "woof what eats chickens" Gabe is a shark and Gabe's cousin Jake is a mad scientist. We asked Jake if he had anything at all to do with the genetically altered chicken standing next to him.

Mike and Tyfani and family (Jon in the background) at the Tracy Aviary Trick or Treat. It was a great way to start the celebration with a live bird show featuring cool vultures (including the King Vulture) and owls that wooted loudly, and crows and other birds. Then we even got candy at tables placed around the park.

Gabe is a shark - complete with back fin. He wasn't so sure that grandma had made a good choice but once the older cousins were ready to trick or treat so was he. I think he objected to seeing his cute face in the teeth of a giant shark when he looked in the mirror.

It all started with Dawson wanting to be a chicken. Then Tyfani thought if ya' make one chicken costume you might as well make two, so baby Roman got a match. Haydon, well he insisted that he wanted to be a "black woof what eats chickens". That kid keeps us all laughing!

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Alyssa Coberly said...

seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE it ... and tyf looks good as a redhead!