Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you pass this quiz?

One of my responsibilities (and honors) is to serve my community as the vice president of the Springville Museum of Art Board of Trustees. It is an elected position, but you have to get talked into even running first. This happens when Dr. Vern Swanson (museum director)calls you into his office and lies to you. OK, that is a bit overly dramatic but he certainly down plays the level of commitment until you are voted on the board and begin serving. I love the museum and am happy to contribute what I can which is a lot less than those with a. money or b. influence or c. actual artistic ability. One of my assignments is to present board training at 6 am. to a group of 14 somnolent attendees. I of course subject them to my irreverent humor but only for 5 min. Here is the "end of the year quiz" at our annual retreat.

THE BIG MUSEUM BOARD TRAINING (or 5 min. x 4 min. = 20 min.)
September, October, November, December combined

Pretest (if you reviewed this year’s 5 min. training lectures you know this!)
1. Board meeting is held at 6 a.m. once a month because?
a. Vern never sleeps so he needs company in the wee hours.
b. We like to get up in the dark and try to drive down in our sleep.
c. It is the best time to assure attendance of board members.

2. How do I serve as an ambassador of the museum to the community?
a. Wear a badge at all public functions I attend including church.
b. Ride on a float in the Art City Days parade and wrist wave.
c. Talk to those I know or come in contact with in positive ways.

3. What is the membership program and my responsibility?
a. Stand on the corner wearing a large wooden sandwich board.
b. Start a new network marketing scheme for memberships.
c. Make sure my membership is current at the level I choose.

4. What are my responsibilities to support museum objectives and goals?
a. Either produce a painting to donate or buy one every year.
b. Go door to door fund raising with frozen cookie dough.
c. Help by serving on committees, attending functions etc.

The picture is one of the paintings from the current Spiritual show - come and see it along with the amazing Victorian show upstairs!

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