Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We are Published

The only picture that would print off article websites was Marie's and it's with info right off the BYU website – M.S. 2006.
Identification, sequencing, expression and evolutionary relationships of the 11S seed storage protein gene in Chenopodium quinoa Willd

so that is her published article about um, well quinoa anyway and genetic research.

is the latest published academic in our family and at least I can read his title.School Science and Mathematics articles > April 2009
Article: Crossing the barriers between preservice and inservice mathematics teacher education: an evaluation of the grant school professional development program.
Article date: April 1, 2009
Author: Bahr, Damon; Monroe, Eula Ewing; Balzotti, Mark; Eggett, Dennis Copyright
A 2-year school-based mathematics professional development program is described and evaluated after its first year of implementation. Included in this program as its first course was a unique methods course in elementary education involving both preservice students and inservice teachers who cooperatively studied and applied reform pedagogy. The program resulted from the collaborative efforts of two institutions of higher education, a neighboring school district, the principal and teachers of one school within that district, and the state office of education. Evaluation of the first year of the program consisted of assessing the beliefs and perceptions of both preservice ...
Jon's recently published article in a medical journal is as mysterious as Marie's but basically it is about colon cancer and of course FAP families...
Article: CRC Surveillance Behaviors of Typical and Attenuated FAP Families:
authors and Disclosures
Anita Y. Kinney, Ph.D.1,2, Bret Hicken, Ph.D.3, Sara E. Simonsen, M.S.P.H.1, Vickie Venne, M.S.-G.C.1, Katrina Lowstuter, M.S.-G.C.4, Jonathan Balzotti1, and Randall W. Burt, M.D.1,5
1Huntsman Cancer Institute, 2Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, 5Division of Gastroenterology and Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

And a March 2009 reference to one of Jon's academic works related to his job as at the U of U:
"... as with years in the past,we will have two presentations from directors. The first by Jonathan Balzotti of the University of Utah is intriguingly entitled “Tracking Discourse: How Tutors Can Teach Writing Centers.” The verb’s object is what intrigues me most. Writing centers in this becomes a concept to be taught to students at large…interesting"
And Chris of course has lots of posters published which I can't access online but here is a dandy title to contemplate for a soon to be published article.

Chris Balzotti (M.S.) - Predicting species distribution patterns detected from remote sensed imagery in Tropcial Forests of Guatemala. ...
If I missed anyone's publications, let me know and I will for sure brag about them too.

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