Monday, September 21, 2009

So cool to have a new release

Thanks to Chris and Marie I got the brand spankin' new Dan Brown novel - read and reviewed so here ya go.
“The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown
The best part about “The Lost Symbol” was that I got it first. Like that little girl with the first Cabbage Patch doll, or the boy with the cool new Star Wars toy, I enjoyed the envious glances in the airport this week as I propped it up to read. I took advantage of the preorder option at Amazon with my birthday gift certificate and had the book delivered to my porch the day before my flight. It was so cool! I got a little distracted from the prologue because I had to keep giving a sympathetic queenly smile to the other passengers who were gazing at me with envy.
It is absolutely Dan Brown strikes again. It will be a home run for him – not because he is a great writer but because he knows how to play the bestseller game. Formula adventure novel number three once more features Robert Langdon. He is tricked into coming to Washington D.C. from his Harvard home base to save his kidnapped friend Peter Solomon. Peter is wealthy (of course), brilliant (naturally), powerful (understandably), lonely (sigh), and a leader of the mysterious Masons. Langdon must solve an ancient pyramid puzzle secret within hours while eluding the CIA and the evil tattooed guy, or his friend will die. To aid him in this quest, the symbology professor has Peter’s wealthy, brilliant, powerful, lonely sister. Although, one thing about her bothered me – if she was so brilliant how come she couldn’t figure out the villain like I did?
Like Michael Crichton, I wonder if Dan Brown is getting a little too impressed with his own research. There are many pages of information on the Masonic history and tradition which is fascinating. There are many more pages of preaching Dan Brown’s religious philosophies which is annoying. Despite these small aggravations, it is an entertaining read. I especially enjoyed the daring escape riding the subterranean book conveyer belt for the Library of Congress and as always the puzzle is lots of fun as it unfolds for the reader.
There was sufficient tension and suspense to keep me reading for a couple of days to finish the book. I enjoyed the coolness of being the first kid on my block to have this new toy but I will have much more fun sharing it with anyone who wants to read it next.

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