Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tips for Holiday Survival

Mark took this picture of me at Niagara Falls just before we were married. Ah the memories. In an effort to regain my youth, which cannot be done, I am procrastinating a writing assignment and blogging. I should be writing an inspirational news article for "The Foothill Breeze" about New Years. Not gettin' that inspiration. I do have a couple of holiday survival tips learned over the years that you won't find on any website or Good Morning America. I fully confess I have done many of the following crazy shortcuts - or at least thought about it.

1. EMERGENCY a neighbor is coming over to bring a plate of goodies and your house looks like it was messed up by the children, only you don't have children at home anymore. Throw all dirty dishes in the oven, run out in the snow in your socks and scoot around the tile floor until it shines.

2. PANIC you don't have any home baked goodness to give to the neighbor who is now coming up the sidewalk. Grab a book off the shelf in the den, tie a ribbon around it from one of your gifts then add an ornament off your Christmas tree. If you have written your name inside the book, even better - just add from!

3. EXHAUSTION you really cannot order pizza again. I found a good easy meal website at simplesuppers.com, but if that thought is overwhelming, rotate your food storage. Take a can of that tomato soup and serve it with carrots, celery and a grilled cheese sandwich. Dinner together as a family - Check.

4. DESPAIR it will never all get done in time. First of all, you are right, it won't. Get over it. You survived the fashion disaster called the 80's so you can survive Christmas. This is where I confess that one year I hid chocolate marshmallow Santas for the stockings and found them in April while cleaning the top of my kitchen cabinets.Just last year I frantically cleaned up the guest room/gift wrapping room and apparently shoved Alyssa's cool book for the France trip in a craft bin. Again, found in April while cleaning out that closet.(Note to self, do spring cleaning the day before Christmas.)

Merry Christmas and remember in just a week it will be Christmas Eve...


Heather said...

What a great picture! Thanks for the tips!!

Alyssa Coberly said...

i love it! (both the picture - - as I have it hanging on my wall in 8x12) and the tips :0)

KELLYA said...

Awesome picture! And awesome tips! Merry Christmas to all of you out there - we love ya!