Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Christmas tree is naked from the waist down

Due to a busy week of newspaper deadlines, substitute teaching and babysitting grandchildren, our tree is 1/2 naked! Our tree is so tall that I decorate the top and then Mark puts it together. The idea being that then I finish the bottom half. On the same day. Or at the latest, the next day. A week later and it is still waiting. We did put up dad's beautiful outdoor painting of the shepherds looking up at the star ( a perfectly placed spotlight in the trees) at the beginning of December. Our neighbors all say that it starts the Christmas season for them. Next door they have a life size nativity on their front hillside that includes the wise men, but they left out the shepherds in tribute to dad's painting. When a new home was built 2 down from ours, they bought large angels for their front balcony to complete the tableau.

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Alyssa said...

youre right that is pretty sad - - its official you are fired as my mother (haha)

too bad I couldnt stay an extra day or so at thanksgiving ... I would have had dad hauling those puppies up days before!