Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Library Bond Passed!

This is very big news for me. After many months as a volunteer PR director on a citizen committee which included thousands of hours writing news stories, talking to people, distributing fliers and doing public meetings etc., Springville voters were persuaded to pass a bond to build a new library. It was quite a task with the current negative mood about our economy. My own next door neighbor took out a 1/2 page newspaper ad against the bond (he said he would see a new library built "over my dead body!" - I said that could be arranged...)The news article below includes quotes from the reporter's call at midnight last night so I was talking with only 1/2 a brain functioning at that late hour. This morning I took thankyou balloons and pumpkin donuts down to the city library and other departments to thank them for all the hard work to pass the bond. The picture is of some of the kids that happened to be there checking out books with their "victory" balloons. Will this PR job never end?!

Wednesday, 05 November 2008
Springville says yes to library building bond Print E-mail
Daily Herald

A bond for the building of a new library in Springville passed on Tuesday.
With a majority of precincts reporting, more than 58 percent of voters had approved construction of the library.

Debbie Balzotti, a city volunteer and proponent of the bond, said the library will be a positive development for the community.

"I'm thrilled that, with the passage of the bond, we'll be able to build a new library," she said, "and that it can be one that addresses our present and future needs, and that we were able to look past the current worries about our national economy."

The $9.8 million bond will cover the construction costs not already met by the funds available in the city's reserves.

The library bond would increase taxes by an estimated $2.26 a month per $100,000 in valuation. The median home price in Springville is currently $233,332.

The library's total budget is estimated at $14,074,000. This is the breakdown of costs: construction, $9.8 million; architects, $690,000; site work, $1.8 million; fixtures and furnishings, $784,000; contingency, $1 million.

Balzotti said extra efforts to publicize this issue helped the bond pass.

"I would like to give special thanks to those who quietly worked hard and encouraged people to come out and vote for the bond," she said. "I think it made a difference in this case."

The 35,000- to 45,000-square-foot facility would be much larger than the current 8,000-square-foot library, which spills into the City Council chambers and other areas of the city offices.

It will have auditoriums that can be used after-hours and separate areas for children's rooms and study rooms for adults.


KELLYA said...

Yeah Aunt Debbie!! You are such a wonderful role model and I am so happy you are going to get a new library!

Heather said...

Hooray and congrats! See you Saturday.

Rae said...

Hey Debbie! You did an awesome job with the library. Now we need you to move to Lehi and work on our road/sidewalk safety issue!

Alyssa Coberly said...

im so proud of you mamacita! springville has needed a new library FOREVER!

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Mariel said...

Debbie - You rock! Your hard work was a huge part of why that bond passed. Congratulations!

rawmelissa said...

Hi Debbie! Yeah for the library! Thank you for all your hard work! You must not have my correct phone number because I haven't received any messages from you. If you email me at, I will email you back my info! Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again! Glory Be and Hallelujah...a new library!!!!