Thursday, November 20, 2008

I May Not Be Right, But I Sure Sound Like IT

"Oh, what's that?" My baby picture captured my philosophy of life at age one.
Just a brief musing here. As a proud member of the over 50 age group (a little too young for wisdom, a little too old for some hair styles)I find myself thoughtlessly dispensing advice. Hey, they asked me didn't they? Experience is helpful in giving advice and I rely on those that are a little further down life's path to help me avoid the potholes. But what I say is often just my opinion. There, I said it. Take it or leave it. Of course, I am usually right - or at least I sound like it!


Sarah said...

Ha! I constantly dispense advice. Never mind that I'm 27. I'm still right about everything!!!!

Heather said...

Please, Please, somebody Please give me some advice. I haven't noticed you handing out advice but if you are send some my way!!!

Alyssa Coberly said...

i love that picture