Sunday, October 26, 2008

I get quoted in the paper since I am doing the publicity to try and pass the library bond!

Article in the Salt Lake Tribune today, Sunday Oct. 26th by Donald Meyer

"SPRINGVILLE - If anyone doubts the city doesn't need a new library, Debbie Balzotti has a simple suggestion.
"Visit the library, especially after school lets out," says Balzotti, a former library board member. That's when the library's computer stations and tables fill up, and patrons wind their way through cramped bookshelves.
At 8,100 square feet, the library is more than three times too small for the city's nearly 30,000 population, Library Director Pam Vaughn said. But Vaughn said residents can change that by approving a $9.8 million bond to build a larger library across the street.
The bond will cover the bulk of the projected $14.1 million cost, with the city providing the rest from its funds.
The new building will be built across Main Street from the existing library, where the fire department now stands.
If the bond is approved, the city will move toward the next step of designing the new building, which would be between 35,000- 45,000 square feet. Vaughn said the city agreed not to go beyond a conceptual plan until it was sure voters would support it.
But Howard A. Stephenson, president of the Utah Taxpayers Association, said times are too rough to go into debt for a library.
Tax revenues are expected to be in decline, Stephenson said. Taxpayers might find themselves facing bigger..."

Notice how I cut this former legislator off? He is so conservative and so against anything that needs any tax increase he makes me crazy!

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Rachel Plunkett said...

Hi Aunt Debbie!
I think I recognize that pic of Uncle Mark and you... :) Fun summer. I just found out you have a blog. Did you really like the Poison Wood Bible? If it's the creepy book I am thinking us... YUCK! Maybe I am too far removed from reading anything that doesn't have a picture on every page.