Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

In honour (note Canadian spelling here) of my Canadian heritage, this post is dedicated to my family who will be feasting on Monday October 13th - Thanksgiving Day. May I say that this is a much better date to celebrate. It is far enough away from Christmas,there is still some food being harvested, and the chance for terrible roads for family to travel is much decreased.You know that motto for real estate that says what matters is: location, location, location? Well for Thanksgiving October is a much better location! I plan to write my congressman to get the US date changed - wait, he is not in his Washington office right now because he is campaigning.Our family is humouring (Canadian spelling again) me and posing with a greeting for all of our loved ones in the frozen North.


Rae said...

The best part about Thanksgiving in October is you can spread out the holiday weight gain over a few months!

Book Look Column Author said...

Hey Rae (always love to say that) I didn't know you were a reader but I am glad to hear from you!

Alyssa Coberly said...

dearest mamacita - - you have the date wrong :0) its the 13th not the 6th :0)