Monday, June 29, 2015

BookLook July 2015
Review of ”Finger Foods” by Joyce Tanner Whiting
Debbie Balzotti
June is the month of wedding receptions. Sometimes the food at a reception is really great – like the appetizers and desserts guests enjoy at receptions held in the Whiting’s garden in Springville.
 Joyce Whiting is not only a gardener, but a cookbook author who enjoys creating and sharing recipes in her book “Finger Foods: Elegant Treats and Bite-sized Eats for Every Occasion”.
The book is an affordable paperback edition featuring photos of her garden and tables laden with beautiful food. Whether you are a catering a wedding or serving your family, these are recipes worth having.
Some of the favorite recipes in the book include Lemon Tassies, Chocolate Bombes, Tomato/Olive Bruschetta and Reuben and Cucumber sandwiches. 
When Grandma Joyce, the name she used to sign my book, graciously catered the recent author’s night at the Springville Library, I was able to taste these dishes and more. Since they could all be eaten without a fork, we could hold our books and eat our treats.
Whiting shares her expertise on everything from serving plate sizes to menu combinations for any party you may be planning. The tips included with recipes to encourage inexperienced cooks to try dishes like Coconut Butterflied Shrimp and Cashew Chicken Rolls.
“I get concerned that so many folks think that cooking from scratch is hard or that you have to be a gourmet chef to make something wonderfully tasty. Scratch cooking isn't hard and it's so rewarding for those who need a creative outlet,” said Whiting in a recent interview.
She continued, “But don't discount pre-packaged time-savers either. I'm the first to admit that a brownie mix, and I have my favorite brand, is just as good as most scratch brownie recipes. It's what you do with the mix that makes the difference.”
Whiting wrote the 217 page book after being constantly asked for recipes and has been surprised by the response when it came out just a few months ago.
“The response has been positive”, she said. “But who is going to tell the author they don't like her cookbook? Many have expressed their delight at how easy most of the recipes are and most people comment on how great the book looks.”

“Finger Foods” is available from the author,, Barnes and Noble and other local bookstores carry it or can order it. The author’s website is

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