Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BookLook January 2014 - with a few blog only changes

 Review of “Living the Healthy Life” 
by Springville author Randi Gerber

It’s January – the cruelest month of the year. The poet T. S. Eliot chose April as the cruelest month but he was wrong. In January we have to make New Year’s Resolutions! It's also the month with no chocolate holidays - the month between Christmas chocolate and Valentine chocolate. And apparently this is the month we take a good look at our lifestyle and make those tough resolutions to be healthier.

Where do we start with our resolutions? Read some good books and get informed. Searching for a new book to help set and keep healthy life-style resolutions, I opened the front cover of “Living the Healthy Life” by local author Randi Gerber and was intrigued by her introduction.

She wrote, “This book begins by establishing what disease is and what it means to heal naturally. It includes basic diet and lifestyle information designed to support he body in its natural healing processes. It also includes a chapter explaining the real secrets to hormone balance using a system I recently developed called Holistic Hormone Therapy.”

The author adds that although her holistic weight-loss and anti-aging tactics work, readers may need to work with a doctor to develop their specific natural treatment program. She also starts with the disclaimer that the book is for informational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease since she is not a doctor or licensed healthcare professional.

Gerber almost lost me when she told me not to skip to the “Health Conditions Protocol” chapters without reading the preceding chapters. She knows that’s how we all read – go straight to the chapter on weight loss or zero in on our specific concern. Just give me the information, an easy plan and what I need to buy. This book however, is designed to educate first and offer solutions second so go back and start at the beginning after you peek at your chapter.

Back cover statements remind us of the suffering found in every family. “Autoimmune disorders plague up to 8 percent of the population and counting. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the US and continues to climb. Hormonal balances are epidemic and causing widespread suffering. Autism now plagues one in eighty-eight children.” Cancer, diabetes and mental illness are also included in the list.

Gerber is the mother of four children and has been gathering information for 15 years to keep herself and her family healthy. She is passionate about what she has learned and enthusiastic about sharing it. You many not agree with everything in the book, but read with an open mind and take advantage of her research which is well documented at the end of the book. You will a few changes to make, or a complete health makeover program.

If you don't plan on giving up chocolate completely, use January as the one month to give it up. I found a couple of other useful diet changes and some reminders like add lemon to my water bottle daily. 

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