Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cruise pictures - to torture everyone

We had the most wonderful dinner partners. Phil and Terry entertained us with their stories about Greece (where Phil is from) and New York (where Terry is from). He introduced himself as a retired jockey, horse trainer who fixed races! We introduced ourselves as the boring Balzottis from Utah. They were celebrating their 41st anniversary and still in love. We were lucky to spend the week with them!

We had a singing Maitre D'named Konstantine who seriously sounded like Frank Sinatra. He and the waiters serenaded us every night and danced for us.

Since we don't buy pics on the cruise we have our waiter do it. Ok, not that great.

The night after we got home Mark put this towel creation and a chocolate on my pillow. Almost like being on the cruise again - so funny. That's why I love him!


The Gleave's said...

I love the towel creature! Maybe that can be his next gig.

The Cakes said...

This is torture! We should have done a cruise before the baby.

Heather said...

haha - on our cruise they had a towel folding class and I told nate that he should take the class so that he could put folded towels on the bed for me every day. He just laughed at me though -