Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Look Review "T is for Trespass"

“T is for Trespass”

You can probably guess that “T is for Trespass” is part of a series that started with “A”. This is the…wait let me sing the ABC song and count on my fingers and toes at the same time. Good thing I am wearing flip-flops because this is Sue Grafton’s number 20 in her Kinsey Millhone series. “U is for Undertow” was published in 2009 and I read and reviewed it promptly – but I accidentally read #21 before #20. Counting backwards, here is the review of number #20.

Kinsey is one of my favorite detective characters. She is smart, friendly, has interesting neighbors and likes to clean and organize when she is stressed. Her ability to solve mysteries combines methodical analysis and old-fashioned intuition. Unfortunately Grafton has let Kinsey develop the habit of swearing a little more than she used to which makes it a bad choice for a book on tape if that bothers you.

The issues of elder abuse and identity theft combine in a suspenseful story about grumpy old Gus down the street from Kinsey. After a fall, the elderly man cannot return home without someone to care for him. With no family except a busy niece who lives across the country, a home care nurse needs to found immediately. After Solana Rojas answers her advertisement, the relieved niece hires her immediately and flies back to New York. Kinsey is hired to do a brief check on the new nurse and finds everything seems to be in order. Solana we know is a clever sociopath who changes her identity as often as her hair color. She plans to steal everything from Gus and may even resort to murder as she has in the past to cover her theft. Can Kinsey discover the truth about Solana in time and save grumpy old Gus?

I wonder what Sue Grafton will do when she completes her ABC mystery series. What will happen to Kinsey Millhone after “Z”? She has been quoted as saying she doesn’t even know yet what will happen in the last book. Until then, we have five more books, or one more handful of digits to count until the end of the alphabet.

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