Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I do - the rest of the story

Alyssa posted the lovely pictures of her best friend's wedding, but I alone will share ... the rest of the story. This is the only picture of us taken by the fabulous Camille who did the bride's hair. Notice Alyssa is holding the ring pillow? 5 minutes after the bride is supposed to walk down the isle they are standing outside the barn door wondering who has the rings! "Run back to the house and ask Alyssa where they are!" Alyssa runs across the lawn, over the pond bridge and up the gravel drive with the pillow - POP! One heel snaps off of her beautiful orange high heeled shoes. Does that slow her down? No! She is unstoppable. The entire wedding was held up as Camille rushed back to the house to get Alyssa's flats that she has been wearing all day to help set up and decorate. Phew,another happy ending. And that's the rest of the story.

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