Saturday, April 24, 2010

Things that made me smile (or laugh) this week

I had two good daily entries for my Moment of Happiness one-line-a-day journal I keep on the computer. I spend a lot of time writing long newspaper articles and book reviews so I had to find a simplified journal solution. Something every day that makes me smile or even laugh.Some weeks are full of funny!
These fake eggs were attacked by our Magpie who spotted them on the porch and destroyed them!

I heard the water running in the bathroom sink while babysitting Gabe the Babe.A two year old and running water are never good so I ran in there to see him trying to remove lipstick with a towel and water. He tilted his head and said,"I sorry grandma I wash it off." So cute, so contrite, but looks a little like the Joker.

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