Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Look Review "The Romanov Prophecy"

BookLook March 25
“The Romanov Prophecy”

Vacation comes from the root word vacate. Well, at least that’s according to my intuition dictionary. When I checked with Webster’s it actually mentioned that a rare definition for vacation is “the act of making vacant”. Ah hah – I was right! If you are in the act of making vacant you should take a book along that will accelerate the process. Don’t take some weighty biography that will tax your brain, take a suspense novel on your cruise. “The Romanov Prophecy” by Steve Berry is the perfect combination of present day international intrigue and historical conspiracy.

Berry has jumped on the Dan Brown bandwagon and writes about a guy so brilliant he dazzles us with his ability to put the puzzle pieces of history together while out-maneuvering everyone else. This super smart human is also James Bond-like in his ability to get women to help him with his getaways. Unlike James (oh James, sigh) the hero Miles Lord solves an historical mystery by combining clues that have escaped centuries of brilliant brains – and he does in less than a week!

Miles Lord is an American lawyer in Russia to research the background of a Romanov heir to the throne. After the fall of communism and several weak governments, a commission has been formed to bring back the tsar. (It’s far fetched but remember, your brain is on vacation.) In his research Lord reads a Rasputin prophecy and gains access to formerly sealed letters and documents dating back to the 1918 massacre of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. What happened to the two missing children whose bodies were not in the mass grave? Did they survive? If so, their children would be the rightful heirs to the throne of Russia. When attempts are made on Miles Lord’s life he knows he has stumbled onto something with dangerous implications. So naturally he involves a beautiful Russian acrobat from the circus to help him follow the clues.

Lucky for us, we didn’t have to put the pieces together to solve the mystery of the Romanovs because our brain was on vacation. We could barely remember what day it was and for sure we didn’t know or care what time it was – until we were ready to head to the buffet again. Today’s picture is courtesy of our room steward who made incredible animals each evening after he tidied up our room. We were very entertained when he even put my reading glasses on our terry cloth elephant and posed him reading a book. Yes, Willy got a very nice tip at the end of the cruise and my tip for you is read “The Romanov Prophecy”.

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