Friday, February 5, 2010

Masonic Temple Pictures - Dan Brown Visited Here

The exterior of the Masonic Temple. There are big lions on the sides but out of the picture. It is 3 stories tall and they used to have big dances and drinking parties outside on the rooftop tiled dance floor during the 1920s until I don't know when.I'll bet the residents at the governor's mansion across the street loved that!

I thought this prayer altar found in every ceremony room was interesting. The masons require members to believe in a Supreme Being but worldwide membership means that can be any Being.

This porch "scene" from the colonial room shows the outside of a house. Our guide said since they wear hats and it was impolite to wear hats indoors back then, the porch was used. A rough stone sits on one side, a smooth on the other to symbolize the change that occurs after applying the principals of the masons.

Each of the ceremony rooms has these stairs with the 12 steps of masons - interesting 12 step program. The rooms are beautifully painted - 1920's style.

They have a stage with hand painted drop scenery by a famous artist that is priceless and includes scenes like a garden scene. I'm not sure how they use them for their ceremonies.

The big neon G is the oldest original neon sign in Utah. The G stands for God and geometry and is a prominant masonic symbol.

I was invited to drive some of the Jr. Art Guild students from the museum for a field trip to the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City. It was a very interesting tour! The masonic lodge here is the smallest in the USA due in part to past LDS church discouraging people joining. They support the local Shriners hospital and do a lot of service. The temple was built in 1925 and is a virtual time capsule since they have not changed anything. It doesn't even have air conditioning so they shut down for the summer and oil the wood and clean the very detailed trim painting.A lot of shows and movies are filmed there like "Touched by an Angel" and "The Crow". This temple is rated by the masons as one of their top ten since it has themed rooms which is unique. There is an Egyptian room, a Colonial room, etc.and some wonderful paintings.To visit their site and see and read more just go to saltlakemasonictemple .org or google it. If you are a fan of Dan Brown books you will enjoy it even more.

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I don't get the porch thing. It doesn't matter what you call it -- that porch is definately inside.