Thursday, July 30, 2009

Genealogy, I'm not doing it, my genealogy...everybody sing.

Genealogy – may I please be excused? While I was visiting the Frozen Chosen (my parents) in Canada last week I got the distinct impression that my mother was tagging me to work on the American side – her side, of the family tree. This is the line that has become somewhat petrified. My sister sawed the Canadian branch – dad’s side, right out from under me! Ok, she didn’t exactly steal it away from me since I didn’t have it, and she does live in that country, and she does actually do genealogy. I have used the “I am working on my posterity, not my ancestry” excuse far past its expiration date since my last posterity married and moved out five years ago. I wonder if reading the fictional book “Genealogy of Murder” by Lee Martin can count as working on genealogy. I just wrote the review for this very cheesy book ( I was much nicer for the newspaper since the author now lives in Salt Lake City). The picture here is actually Frank Foster, Mark's great-great but I like this picture, and it's a blog, not a family group sheet.

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