Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why Are We Allowed to Babysit?!

We are probably ruining Dawson and Haydon. Babysitting this weekend so Mike and Tyfani could go to Moab for their 10th anniversary proved we were terrible caretakers. We don't get them to bed on time. Due to the fact that we allow them to watch a movie, have 3 bedtime stories, listen to a grandma tale and have drinks of water... they don't get to sleep until almost 10 pm. Also, for supper we take them to McDonald's for chicken nuggets (hey they do get apple slices) and for breakfast they can have scrambled eggs and french toast. They can play Wii for hours. They can lay in our bed with us and watch a movie. I'm telling you, we are ruining these children and we should not be allowed to keep them for an entire weekend.

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Rae said...

Just to make sure you aren't being too hard on yourselves, you can watch MY kids next weekend and I will be the true judge on whether or not you are ruining children!