Monday, January 26, 2009

From Sun to Snow, The Post Cruise Blues

We returned to SNOW and lots of it! Our Royal Caribbean cruise was wonderful but aren't they always? We visited Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Haiti. Except for one rain day it was warm and sunny. I'll share some pictures and stories the next couple of days and hope that the gloating will overcome the post cruise depression. It is so wrong to fire up the snowblower, make your own healthy breakfast and go to work. Our dinner table for the week included the Cohens from Cincinnati, the Birchs from Ireland and the Balzottis from Utah. Great food and great companions. Where is Noel, my attentive Jamaican waiter? "Noel?...Noel?" Sigh.


Rae said...

This is the same cruise Randy and I took in September! Oh we loved it so much. Don't worry, I am still looking for my waiter - Jitendra - he was awesome! I am just glad we didn't come home to all this snow or I would have been depressed too.

Alyssa Coberly said...

okay i better have your legs when Im your age - - I mean fo' reals ... smokin' mama and not a wrinkle in sight!

and I still hate you for not taking me on that cruise, where is the love? :0)

Morton Cohen said...

Hello, we arrived home to snow also. We had a few beautiful days in Florida after the cruise.